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Joan B. Flynn
 An affiliate of Amherst Writers and Artists and a participant in writing workshops since 1997, Joan is excited to share her experience with you.
..."When I first started in AWA, I had always been a solitary writer. Taking these workshops gave me the courage to try different styles of writing, to listen to the deep voice inside, to go with my gut and get it on paper. There was no 'right way' to do the exercises and when I shared what I had written the positive feedback allowed me to examine my work with a kind eye."
The Method
The Amherst Writers and Artists method, developed by Pat Schneider (Writing Alone and with Others, Oxford University Press, 2003) allows you to find your inner voice and to play with many facets of your writer self. 
Why AWA?
The AWA method invites spontaneity in a safe, supportive environment. The exercises are chosen to get you thinking and writing in new and surprising ways, maybe sparking an idea that will grow into a larger piece or jump-starting a work in progress that has stagnated.
For more about AWA visit their website at www.amherstwriters.com
How we write together
Each session begins with a prompt. We write for a specified time and then have the opportunity to share.  Because this is "brand new" writing, there is no critique. We respond only with what we like and remember; what is strong.
All writing is treated as fiction which allows us to go deeply, take risks with our subject matter and try genres we may not be familiar or comfortable with. Confidentiality assures a safe environment.
Most groups meet for 2 1/2 hours a week.  
Open to everyone, workshops are limited to 8 participants.
2 week or 4 week sessions are sometimes offered. These will appeal to those of you who don't have time for extended sessions or those of you who are just beginning to explore your craft and want to dabble.
1-2 day writing retreats will offer a chance to go deeper and write for more extended periods. These will sometimes be combined with complimentary practices such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, etc
April - May
Get out and do something creative just for you!
Friday morning workshop
10:00 - 12:30

June 25th - Saturday
Writing from the Heart Workshop

   Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and creativity as you explore the deepest recesses of your heart with a full complement of writing, yoga and meditation.
   Whether you've never written anything other than a shopping list, or you're an experienced author working on a project, this workshop will encourage you to tap into your heart's unique. creative voice through the use of offered prompts.
   Prior to each writing session, we will practice gentle yoga postures specific to opening the heart area as a way to relax and ready our creative mind. Guided meditations will help evoke a sense of calm and relaxation and prepare the way for connecting with our inner muse.

Workshop fee includes a scrumptious lunch including gluten free items for those with sensitivities.

Dune Hollow is a light-filled, comfortable studio setting just perfect for a day of writing, yoga and meditation. Please bring a notebook and pen or a laptop and wear comfortable clothing that will allow for gentle movement during yoga sessions. Mats will be provided.

Joan Flynn will lead the writing and Linda Posage will guide you through the yoga and meditation.

Come try out your first session free! We'd love you to experience a session without obligation to see if it is what you are looking for.
Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your space - either by email or telephone.
Dune Hollow Writers
Joan B. Flynn
8 Cummings Rd.
Orleans, MA
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